The Sponsor of Zophia Wind Farm is committed to protecting the environment and bringing benefits to the livelihood of local communities.

To achieve that, top-tier international and local advisors are hired to make sure the wind farm is developed, built and operated according to local, national and international standards and practices. A glimpse of some of the endeavors being undertaken:

  • More than 20 surveyors have been screening the entire wind farm site and adjacent areas for more than a year to get good understanding of the local ecosystem;
  • Relevant reports with stringent mitigation measures about the flora and fauna, such as birds, bats and major animals, are produced;
  • Noise study, shadow flicker study, etc, are conducted to analyze possible impacts of the wind farm on nearby residents;
  • Meetings with stakeholders such as local community administrations, residents’ representatives, as well as environmental and social NGOs present in the region are held regularly;
  • Based on findings of these reports, studies and meetings, locations of WTGs and other auxiliary facilities are arranged and adjusted in a way that has negligible environmental and social impacts;
  • Where necessary, mitigation measures are designed according to recommendations by the advisors;
  • All environmental and social findings and recommendations are incorporated in the ESIA (environmental and social impact assessment) documents, which include ESIA report, a Non-Technical Summary report, ESMP (environmental and social management plan), SEP (Stakeholder Engagement Plan) and ESAP (environmental and social management plan);
  • A detailed corporate social responsibility program is developed in order to improve the livelihood of local residents and mitigate any negative effects of the wind farm.

The environmental and social campaign is an integral part of the wind farm’s life cycle. The Sponsor will have specifically assigned personnel to supervise its implementation and makes adjustments when the needs arise.

The Sponsor is also determined to ensure that all of its contractors and sub-contractors abide by the guidelines provisioned in the ESIA reports when they fulfill their contractual obligations with regard to the construction and operation of the wind farm.