A Combination of Green Energy,
Community Well-being
and Environmental Protection


The Zophia Wind Farm is located in Zaporizhzhia region of southern Ukraine and on the northwestern shores of the Azov Sea and can be a 792MW high impact project.

The wind farm has been divided into three different phases where Zohpia I (42,5MW) & II (247,5MW) is advanced and have matured. Some construction activities have been initiated and prepared for further development. 13 foundations have been excavated and 9 piled, there has been work done in the substation areas and the overhead line has been planned with some support towers erected. Most important – land and grid has been secured.

The Zohpia III (498MW) is still in an early phase of the project planning, but is an important part of the project going forward that aspires to be one of the biggest Wind Farms in Europe.

The wind farm in its totality will displace about 1.5 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, equal to aprox 2 million households. EMERGY has already spend more than two years working with the environmental and social aspects of the project with more than 20 experts involved. We have run the biggest Environmental project in Ukraine involving experts from different fields studying birds, animal tracks, flora & fauna in order to understand the seasons, the diversity and the potential impact and mitigations in the project. Our philosophy is that the more we know, the better we can plan. That is why we would like to establish a conservation program to ensure the area. We have met landowners, chiefs and inhabitants discussing & explaining the project and we have done a traffic management plan in order to avoid using the regular roads as much as possible

Documents related to E&S for Zophia I and II has already been approved and commented by international parties. The ESG perspective being a focus area for EMERGY – in all our projects!

Development, construction, and operation of the wind farm will be done according to internationally recognized technical, environmental, and social standards.

Zophia will become a flagship project in Ukraine when realized.

Both the necessity for renewable electricity, the pricing of the carbon that is to come and the power prices we have seen in the last year underpin the importance the Zophia Wind Farm Project will have in the future energy mix.

We are looking forward unlocking the opportunities the Zophia Wind Farm Project has!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at post@emergy.com or at +47 90135533

The Sponsor of Zophia Wind Farm is committed to protecting the environment and bringing benefits to the livelihood of local communities.

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